January 22, 2020

Homescapes: Try 8 amazing features


The Homescapes is the game where you collect the coins by playing the candy game. As the level is completed, you can buy the home accessory. Make sure that the game is played on the basis on candy matching. If you want more coins, then you can log in from your Facebook account. Through this, you can get 1000 coins otherwise try homescapes Cheats. As the level increase, the task will become difficult. It will depend on you how you will perform the task.


  • Different game: the unique concept which makes the game interesting. When the candy level increases, then you will get more coins and buy the home decoration accessories.
  • Design: You will design the home according to your choice. Whatever you like to make the changes you can.
  • Match: the candy will smash when you combine the three same candies. It is not a unique concept to create a booster and making the combinations.
  • Mission: there are several kinds of purposes which the players need to complete. Each purpose has a different aspect which helps the player to win the currencies.
  • Characters: Mainly in the entire game, there are four characters. One is a grandmother, grandfather, the main character, and a dog.
  • Invite your friends: If you want to invite your friends to attain more coins, then you can. It depends on you how many friends you want to encourage.
  • Magic booster: Once you have collected the magic booster, it will work more effectively. Your level is completed within a second, and you will get more coins for buying other things to decorate the house.
  • Retry infinity booster: In the whole game, it is the best thing. When you lose the game through this, the player can again continue the game. If you have not collected it, they try homescapes Cheats.

So these are some features about the game. If you like to decorate the house, then you can try this. Make sure that complete the task on time.




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